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A BLINdfriendly Debian (Etch and Sarge) Installer Alternative Project
Archive and history page.

This project was stopped on Aug 2006.
It was built by Osvaldo La Rosa

and The BlinDIA Team (/some members of the club)

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Started: May 11, 2006 - Last updated: Aug 17, 2006 - Stopped: Aug 2006

Latest GRML/Knoppix d-i script release (31-05-2006): GRML/Knoppix-compatible Plain Debian-Installer script

Latest mini.iso release (15-08-2006): Debian Stable/Sarge Mini (netboot) CD ISO (8M)

You simply boot now the Live CD with some cheatcodes like in this example:
grml vga=normal keyboard=be-latin1 brltty=al,ttyS0,de.tbl 'enter' or
knoppix vga=normal keyboard=be-latin1 brltty=al,ttyS0,de.tbl 'enter'
At the :~# prompt:
* you first download or copy the d-i script into the current directory,
* then you do a chmod +x if necessary;
* you also need to run fdisk or cfdisk -a /dev/hdX to split your HD as you wish, if necessary,
* finally you run it by entering ./????-inst_plain_deb-'tab' 'enter'
The script is self-explanatory enough to help you with installing your new Debian(/other) GNU/Linux system.

This project was initiated thanks to:
* Osvaldo La Rosa
* Philip Richardson
* Bruno Marmol
* and William Windels

Works of the BlinDIA Project are released under the GNU General Public License

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